Official Profile Photo

Name: Noro Kayo (野呂 佳代 / のろ かよ)

Nickname: Nontii (ノンティー)

Date of Birth: 1983.10.28

Hometown: Tokyo

Blood Type: A

Agency: Ohta Production

Generation: SDN 1st Generation (Originally AKB 2nd Generation)

Debut Date: 2006.04.01

Crayon Friends from AKB48

AKB48 Election Rankings:
2009: -
2010: N/A
2011: N/A

SDN48 Election Ranking: 3rd

AKB48 Janken Tournament Rankings:
2010: N/A
2011: N/A

Extra Information: Noro was one of the founding members of SDN48 in 2009 and was permanently transferred from AKB48 to SDN48 in 2010. She is the captain of SDN48.

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