Official Profile Photo

Name: Tezuka Machiko (手束真知子 / てづか まちこ)

Nickname: Maachan (まぁちゃん)

Also Known As: Harada Ourei (原田桜怜), Maeda Eiko (前田栄子)

Date of Birth: 1986.02.25

Hometown: Hyogo

Blood Type: B

Agency: AKS

Generation: SDN 1st Generation (Originally SKE 2nd Generation)

Debut Date (SKE Kenkyuusei): 2009.04.25

Extra Information: Tezuka was permanently transferred from SKE48 to SDN48 in 2009. She went by the name Harada Ourei when she was a gravure idol and by Maeda Eiko when she was in SKE.

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